Amber Lane

"For me watercolor is where I can let get go in life. It's a world I can escape to that feels like it's just for me. Yet I'm lucky enough to share my passion for it with others... and that brings me such joy. My hope is to encourage others to stay curious, keep learning and find the fun in art. And of course laugh along the way." - Amber

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Kolbie Blume

"I am an artist and a write, a wanderer and a storyteller." Kolbie's journey of self-discovery and bravery will undoubtedly inspire all. Get ready to be inspired and take your watercolor journey to new heights!

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Patricia Bianca Flores

Bianca is a professional artist also an online teacher, who helps more than 20,000 students. Her incredible classes make her one of the top teachers from Skillshare.

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Madeline Kerrii

"Eyes that see the world with wonder, find things that make it wonderful" - Anonymous. This quote captures my heart and curiosity towards nature as well as my art. I find loose watercolor the perfect avenue for me to express the beauty that I see in the world. - Madeline

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