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H○LBEIN Watercolor Medium Set

H○LBEIN Watercolor Medium Set

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4 H○LBEIN medium in one set with 5ml each bottle. 

Watercolor Mediums. Watercolor mediums change the working characteristics of paint, or of the surface that you are painting on. 

They can create special visual and textural effects, such as iridescence, granulation, and wax resistance.

Blending medium extends drying time of colors and aids in blending with other colors. Other mediums increase brilliance and transparency, or alter the absorption of the surface. Prepare your surface with a primer or watercolor ground. They’ll enhance and alter the surface for a wide variety of techniques.

The trial bottle (set) provides a perfect solution for beginners/watercolor lovers to explore the characteristics/features of different medium without investing a ton $$$.

Each bottle comes in small transparent bottle with 5ml medium. They are easy for carryon for a field trip or just added to your supplies collection. 

The Japanese premium watercolor medium provides perfect solution to your art works! 

W466 (Masking Ink)   Mask your artwork for parts you don't want to paint. It dries quick and provides excellent coverage. The mask ink has light blue color, so artists can easily find the covered spots.

Apply the masking ink directly to the artwork using a brush or pen. It can be thinned with water if needed. Wait until the masking ink is dry before painting .Use an eraser to remove the masking ink after paint is completely dry.

W472 (Watercolor Medium) When mixed with watercolors,  Watercolor Medium facilitates fine line and stroke development by improving flow.

W474 (Iridescent Medium) An artist grade medium designed to facilitate pearlescent effects when used with water-based media. Holbein Iridescent Medium may be used dry and is particularly effective when applied as an initial layer. 

W475 (Ox Gall) An artist-grade wetting agent that improves flow and enhances wet-into-wet techniques when mixed with watercolors. It also improves the acceptance of watercolor paints on paper, particularly hard-sized papers.

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